How investing in our own health can also help our horses.

As equestrians, it is not uncommon for us to regularly book our beloved horses in for regular physiotherapy sessions to ensure that they are in peak condition. Our own health and fitness, however, usually gets shunted to the bottom of the priority list. I know that I for one, even though I suffer with chronicContinue reading “How investing in our own health can also help our horses.”

A good life for humans AND animals

This week is International Stress Awareness Week. An annual event run by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), the theme in 2020 is ‘Managing Stress and Mental Health Issues in the Age of Covid-19’, so perhaps it is a pertinent time to explore the link between stress and global pandemics. I’m not just referring toContinue reading “A good life for humans AND animals”

Problem behaviour? What a pain!

I listened to a fascinating Facebook Live talk last night by Professor Daniel Mills from University of Lincoln, run by Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) discussing his research¹ on the link between pain and behaviour in dogs. Shockingly it was found that approximately 80% of behavioural issues in dogs are due to pain. It got meContinue reading “Problem behaviour? What a pain!”

Positive Reinforcement for Humans

Equestrians aren’t always renowned as the friendliest bunch and there seems to be a worrying trend in parts of the equine training world. Many of those who staunchly promote the use of positive reinforcement methods for horses seem to be very often incapable of using this approach towards other humans. It can reach the stageContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement for Humans”

Has Covid-19 built compassion?

So lockdown in England is continuing for now, or it isn’t – it isn’t quite clear! What we do know is that, rightly or wrongly, we now have slightly fewer restrictions imposed on our daily exercise. Now, without wanting to get into a political debate about Boris’s decision making, this whole situation has made meContinue reading “Has Covid-19 built compassion?”